Saturday, November 10, 2007

What's New

My cookbook is a fun, unique answer to the question in almost everyones household, "What's for Dinner"
Do you usually get the same answers I do? "Anything, I don't care, Something or Whatever!"
Well - those and more are the names of the recipes in my cookbook! So when your family says they want "Anything" you can just whip it up! It's a fun and amusing approach to cooking!


Jude's BlogLoggin said...

I have not seen your cookbook but I am sure I will check out Borders now! I am always up for interesting recipes, love to cook and also gave birth 26 yrs ago to my own chef! Good for you!!

glor said...


I am a seamstess... mostly 50s retro poodle skirts, cook, and eBay PowerSeller.
Like your background and cookbook! Looks like you have your hands full, but I have a possible future project that you might be interested in collaborating with me on?
I've been meaning to do a "fifties diner-type" cookbook, but with the recipes updated to conform to today's healthy lifestyles.
Let me know if you might be interested!
Thank you,